Kingdom Biofuels unveils new DIY pellet storage bins

By Kingdom Biofuels | June 02, 2015

Kingdom BioFuel of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has been in the bulk wood pellets business for several years. Pellet fuel customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland depend on Kingdom BioFuel for their pellet heating needs over the cold winter months. And they are taking their business seriously with some great new products for the coming winter. 

The DIY Pellet Storage Bin is the first in a line of products to be unveiled throughout this year. "These pellet bins can be assembled in about 30 minutes," says managing owner Ephraim Stoltzfus. A video on the company’s website shows how easily the DIY Pellet Bin can be assembled in the basement. And it comes with a pellet fuel fill kit that allows pipes to be installed so pellets can be blown by Kingdom BioFuel directly into the pellet bin from outside the house just like one would delivery fuel oil through a pipe to the outdoors. 

But why choose pellet fuel over other fuels? Ephraim has answers for that on their new pellet fuel website that continues to grow. Read of few of the reasons to buy bulk wood pellets here:

- Save on your heating costs by heating with wood pellets
- Heating with pellets means no dependence on foreign oil
- Carbon neutral heating source
- Use recycled natural resources
- Highly efficient heating source up to 88 percent efficient
- Safer than oil and propane (no explosive content)
- Create a cozy atmosphere with a pellet stove

The next great invention from Kingdom BioFuel is on the way. This will allow pellet fuel customers to vacuum pellets directly into a Kingdom BioFuel pellet stoves or to a cabinet for pellet storage beside the stove. Not only is KBF providing customers with pellet stoves, they carry a whole line of pellet boilers and even a retrofit to turn an existing pellet furnace running on oil or gas into a pellet furnace.