Vermont CEDF releases RFP for wood heat systems

By Anna Simet | June 10, 2015

Vermont’s Clean Energy Development Fund has released a request for proposals (RFP) to select recipients of grants that will help cover the cost of installing new advanced wood heating systems in public schools and low-income housing developments.

According to CEDF, the total amount of funding available through this competitive RFP will be at least $300,000 awarded through two separate RFPs. The first will have $150,000 available, and the second round, to be released in September, will make an additional $150,000 available.

The maximum grant a recipient may receive through the RFP is $50,000 toward the direct installed costs of installing new AWH systems. Those costs are limited to the wood heating equipment, thermal storage, wood fuel storage and connections and controls required to integrate the system. Costs such as conversion to a hydronic system or replacement of fossil fueled boilers as part of the larger project will not be eligible, according to the RFP.

The CEDF defines advanced wood heating as utilizing highly efficient combustion technology, producing low levels of emissions, supporting healthy forest ecosystems and striving to consume local wood.

A cost share is required of all grant recipients—at least 70 percent, according to the CEDF, “and more is encouraged. Applicants are encouraged to explain the justification for the amount of cost share proposed, which will be taken into account as part of the competitive proposal review process.

Proposals must arrive at the Public Service Department office by 4:00 P.M. on June 30.

 RFP is part of the CEDF’s Clean Heat Community Challenge initiative. Access applications here