Report highlights EU progress in reaching 2020 renewables goals

By Erin Voegele | June 17, 2015

On June 16, the European Commission published a progress report on 2020 renewable energy targets, reporting that the EU is on track to meets its 20 percent renewable energy targets. The commission estimates the renewable energy share of gross final energy consumption was 15.3 percent last year. Overall, 25 member states are expected to meet their 2013-’14 national targets.

According to the European Commission, biomass accounted for 47 percent of renewables last year. It was used in the heating, cooling, electricity and biofuel sectors. Biofuels accounted for 9 percent of renewables, while biogas accounted for 4 percent, hydropower accounted for 17 percent, wind accounted for 11 percent, solar accounted for 7 percent, geothermal accounted for 1 percent, and marine accounted for less than 1 percent.

Renewables accounted for an estimated 16.6 percent of heating and cooling sector last year. Overall, the sector was responsible for 46 percent of overall energy consumption, making it the biggest user of energy in the EU. Renewables also accounted for 26 percent of power in the EU. Regarding biofuels, the commission noted the progress has been slow. While the 2020 target aims to achieve a 10 percent share of renewable energy in the transportation sector, the report indicates only 5.7 percent renewable energy share last year.

The progress report, which is issued every two years, also includes a ranking of individual member state’s progress towards reaching mandated goals. Additional information is available on the European Commission website