Finnish technology launched into U.K. forestry, energy markets

By MHG Systems | September 15, 2015

Finnish MHG Systems’ mobile and internet cloud service was launched last week at the Confor Woodland Show at Longleat Estate U.K. This real-time planning and management tool brings efficiency and productivity gains directly to forest owners’ and managers’ mobile devices.

Woodland Manager helps create forest management plans that meet U.K. forest standards. The service enables forest owners to take active control of their own forest resources. As a mobile and internet cloud service brings forest management plans conveniently up to date. Forest owners can easily see what operations need to be carried out and how much money they may be able to get from harvesting, immediately or in the near future. This is also the case for taking a more proactive management style with a forest and implementing silvicultural actions.

“Our goal in MHG Systems is to meet forest owners’ real-life requirements,” said Seppo Huurinainen, CEO of MHG Systems and a forest owner himself. “We aim to offer an application which is simple and fluent to use.”

Biomass energy plays an important role in the U.K.’s growth strategy. Using new technologies will help create new business opportunities, efficiencies and ensure sustainability in the forestry value chain. All MHG Systems services are developed and field-tested in active cooperation with forest owners, contractors, fuel suppliers, and wood and timber buyers.

The aim of MHG Systems in the near future is to bring forest owners on the same platform with contractors and other stakeholders through MHG Biomass Manager. Managing biomass and industrial wood delivery chains from field to end-use enables feedstock assessment, inventory monitoring, origin tracking, terminal management and sustainability reporting. Field workers can be instructed with site-specific working methods, and can report work updates through a user friendly MHG mobile interface.