Alliance Bioenergy improves CTS conversion rates in October

By Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. | October 28, 2015

Alliance Bioenergy Plus, Inc. recently announced that its subsidiary Ek Laboratories in Longwood, Florida, under the direction of Dr. Richard Blair, Dr. Peter Cohen and Dr. Zhilin Xie, continues to see success in optimizing the commercial reactor of its licensed and patented CTS (cellulose to sugar) Mechanocatalytic process. 

Through the dry, mechanical process the Ek Labs team is now achieving a near 70 percent conversion of available sugars from a variety of feedstock’s, in less than 15 minutes, using no liquid acids, applied heat, pressure or enzymes while producing no waste stream and using very little power. This is a breakthrough in cellulose conversion technology and represents a new dawn in renewable manufacturing.   

The one-step CTS cellulose conversion process is proving to be extremely efficient, easy to operate and able to process enormous amounts of virtually any cellulose feedstock, in a matter of minutes, into high quality C6 Glucose and C5 Xylose sugars as well as an extremely pure all natural lignin.   

“This is only the beginning,” said Daniel de Liege, company CEO.  “This technology is not only about cellulose to sugar for use in biofuels, plastics and other products, it's about a new type of green chemistry.”

The CTS process is easily adaptable, feedstock agnostic and with simple changes in catalyst can create a whole host of products from industrial additives and lubricants to pharmaceuticals, carbon fiber nanotubes, plastics, fiberboards and many other fine chemicals, all from plants, grasses or any other cellulose material.  That is truly renewable energy. 

Throughout the engineering and optimization process the Ek team has developed several new techniques and components that will eventually become new IP for the Company and serve to enhance and strengthen the three issued patents and 15 pending patents already licensed by the Company.

As FEL 2 (front end loading 2 engineering stage) completes in the next week the focus turns to Vidalia, Ga and starting to engineer and design the first commercial plant for licensee RRDA.