Report illustrates growing pellet market in Italy

By Erin Voegele | December 17, 2015

A report recently filed with the USDA’s Global Agricultural Information Network addresses the Italian wood pellet market, noting Italy consumed 3.4 million tons of wood pellets last year. Italy’s use of wood pellets is expected to reach 3.3 million metric tons this year and 5 million metric tons next year.

According to the report, pellets in Italy are main used in small-scale private residential and industrial boilers for heating. Approximately 96 percent of Italian pellet consumption is a result of these heating sectors, with most pellets delivered via bags. Bulk pellet delivers with silo trucks is estimated at no more than 20,000 metric tons.

The report indicates only 20 percent of domestic pellet demand is met by domestic production, which reached only 350,000 metric tons last year. The remaining 80 percent of pellet demand is met with imports.

Last year, Italy imported 1.34 million metric tons of pellets from Austria, 229,435 metric tons from Canada and 179,965 metric tons from the U.S. Pellets were also sourced from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Egypt.

Italy exported approximately 8,271 tons of wood pellets last year, primarily to Austria, Slovenia, and Spain.

A full copy of the report is available on the USDA GAIN website.