Amyris launches Pathways Program

By Amyris Inc. | January 18, 2016

Amyris Inc., the industrial bioscience company, recently announced the availability of its Pathways Program, a program that provides partners a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to access Amyris’s industry-leading synthetic biology technology. Through the Pathways Program, partners can, with a small initial investment, sponsor and secure a molecule they are interested in having Amyris produce using the next-generation tools and technologies being developed through the company’s recently announced technology investment agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Amyris expects the powerful combination of its existing core technology and bioengineering advancements enabled by its project with DARPA will significantly reduce the time and cost of bringing new molecules to market using industrial biotechnology. The Pathways Program allows partners to access these latest developments and explore bio-synthetic production opportunities with minimal risk and commitment. 

The Pathways Program provides partners with a de-risked opportunity to use Amyris’s expert capabilities and advanced tools and methodologies for the construction of organisms that convert sugar to the partner’s target molecule. The successful completion of the organism engineering potentially provides a new mode of production with secure stable supply from a renewable resource.

In essence, this program opens up Amyris’s advanced technology platform and leading capabilities to researchers and companies wishing to determine the viability of biological production of target molecules at a lower cost and with minimized risk.

“Our Pathways Program provides partners with a unique and advantaged opportunity to access cutting-edge technologies that are at the forefront of bioengineering to explore the development of new materials with little upfront risk,” said John Melo, president and CEO at Amryis. “Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a world that uses sustainably sourced bio-materials and we believe that making our technology more accessible removes a key barrier to making lower cost, higher performing products for a healthier planet. We have now created several $100-million-dollar supply opportunities for our renewable farnesene technology and expect many more building blocks, like farnesene, to come from opening our platform to the world.”