Eni rolls out renewable diesel blend to 3,500 stations in Italy

By Ron Kotrba | January 20, 2016

Eni S.p.A., the Italian oil major that converted its Venice oil refinery to a renewable diesel manufacturing plant, is rolling out its renewable blended product to 3,500 fuel stations across Italy this month.

Named Eni Diesel +, the fuel contains 15 percent renewable diesel produced via the Ecofining process, jointly developed by Eni and Honeywell’s UOP.

Eni says tests performed in its research laboratories have shown that, compared to standard diesel fuels, Eni Diesel + extends the life of engines, ensures the highest power output due to clean injectors, improves engine performance reducing consumption by up to 4 percent, helps with cold starts and ensures engine noise reduction as a result of the fuel’s high cetane number.

The company reports that CO2 emissions from Eni Diesel + are reduced by 5 percent on average. Tests performed on Euro 5 vehicles at its research center in San Donato Milanese and the Motor Institute of the National Research Council in Naples showed a significant reduction in polluting emissions, including reductions of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide up to 40 percent and 20 percent less particulate matter.