Alliance BioEnergy: CTS pilot plant producing cellulosic sugar

By Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. | February 18, 2016

Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. is pleased to announce that the CTS pilot plant located at the company’s subsidiary Ek Laboratories, is now running the complete conversion process from raw feedstock through fermentation of cellulosic sugars. This full conversion process also includes the separation of the valuable pure lignin and the recycling of catalyst and unreacted cellulose back to the front of the process.

The last piece to the puzzle was the addition of a custom designed flotation cell that uses injected air to “float” lignin from the post reactor mixture of sugars, catalyst, unreacted cellulose and lignin. This now allows the CTS process to seamlessly run from raw feedstock through fermentation while collecting the valuable lignin and recycling the catalyst and unreacted cellulose back to the front of the line achieving a steady state in as little as five process runs. (A Steady State is defined as a flow process where conditions at all points in an apparatus remain constant as time changes. There must be no accumulation of mass or energy over the time period of interest. The same mass flow rate will remain constant in the flow path through each element of the system). 

At steady state, 100 percent of the cellulose feedstock is converted into sugars and its base components, due to the removal of the lignin and the complete recycling of the catalyst and unreacted cellulose, after each run.  This underscores the “green” aspect of the CTS process whereas nothing is wasted, no effluents are discharged and nothing is pumped into the air or ground. 

On Feb. 16, the company paid off its final short-term convertible note due Vis Vires.  This marks a turning point for the company, as it has been able to retire nearly $1 million in short-term convertible debt over the last 30 days.