Carlsbad, California, city fleet fueling with renewable diesel

By Ron Kotrba | July 06, 2016

Carlsbad, California, is now fueling its city diesel fleet with Propel Diesel HPR (High Performance Diesel), a fuel produced by Neste and specially formulated and distributed by Propel Fuels that consists of 98.5 percent renewable diesel.

“The city of Carlsbad has shown strong leadership in sustainability and climate action,” said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel Fuels. “Propel is excited to help extend their vision to their fueling program. This is how smart fleets immediately reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the communities they serve.”

Renewable diesel outperforms petroleum in emissions, engine performance and value, providing cleaner and more efficient combustion, as well as significantly lower nitrogen oxides (NOx) and fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) emissions. NOx and PM are directly linked to air quality and health in California.

Carlsbad will run Diesel HPR in a range of fire department and public works heavy-duty vehicles including fire, dump and vacuum trucks serving the community.

“Diesel HPR cleans the air we breathe and reduces the emissions from our city vehicles,” said Steve Hodges, management analyst for Carlsbad public works and general services. “Propel provides access to the top low-carbon fuel in the country, allowing us to share the health and emissions benefits with anyone living in or visiting Carlsbad.”