BTEC updates mission and vision statements

By Biomass Thermal Energy Council | July 28, 2016

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council recently announced its updated mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council advances the sustainable use of wood and agricultural biomass for clean, efficient heat and combined heat and power (CHP) to meet America’s energy needs and strengthen local economies.

Vision Statement

By 2025, the use of sustainable wood and agricultural biomass for thermal (heating and cooling) and CHP is a mainstream energy choice.  Residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers choose it as an affordable, clean, efficient and carbon beneficial alternative to fossil fuels.  Distributed energy from biomass thermal/CHP provides reliability and resiliency to America’s energy infrastructure and efficient use of biomass resources.  Policies at the local, state, regional and federal levels support thermal/CHP from biomass equally with respect to other renewable sources of energy.  Thermal/CHP from biomass enables sustainable land and resource management, and provides improved soil and forest health, improved water and air quality, and reduced wildfire risks.  Thermal/CHP from biomass drives local job growth and economic vitality across America’s rural and urban communities.

BTEC engaged in a series of facilitated strategic planning sessions throughout the fall of 2015.  These efforts reaffirmed BTEC’s mission and vision for sustainable, clean and efficient use of the nation’s biomass resources.  BTEC continues to advocate for biomass thermal and CHP to improve the nation’s energy resiliency using local renewable resources; invigorate local economies and create jobs; provide carbon benefits; improve air, water, soil and forest health; and reduce wildfire risks while improving ecological diversity.

Dan Wilson, chairman of BTEC’s board of directors and vice president of Wilson Engineering Services, emphasized that, “BTEC is reaffirming its commitment to sustainable, clean, and efficient use of renewable biomass resources to meet energy demands and strengthen local economies.  Additionally, with these updates, BTEC is formalizing its commitment to advancing thermally led CHP, and to recognizing the specific environmental benefits that come from using local and sustainably available biomass as a tool for thoughtful resource management.”