Monarca biojet project adds 33,000 hectares of jatropha

By Monarca | October 05, 2016

The bioJet fuel market is growing faster than the supply and a number of biofuel refineries are planned to be online by 2019 without low cost seed oil feedstock in volume.

Jack Katz, the CEO of Monarca, a Mexico City based corporation, has a plan with great vision to produce bioJet fuel for Mexican aviation as well as produce low cost seed oil for export to the U.S. refineries.

“Our Monaca project in the Yucatan is being expanded to add another 33,000 hectares of Jatropha to produce low cost seed oil for the U.S. refineries,” says Katz.

Katz continues, “Our current project on 33,000 hectares in the Yucatan near Cancun is focused to produce 30 million gallons annually of biojet fuel for the Mexican government Aviation Services Department; however, several new biofuel refineries are planned in the U.S. and I believe we can supply seed oil in volume at the best price and drive this intuitive.”

Katz concludes, “The Yucatan of Mexico has land, water,a year around growing season, an abundance of labor and the government support for our program to create a biofuel center in the Yucatan. Our Monarca biojet fuel project near Cancun is the first to include a Honeywell UOP refinery at the plantation to grow, refine and deliver certified biojet fuel 60 kilometers to the Cancun International Airport. Next, we will add another 33,000 hectare plantation near the port of Progresso on the Yucatan to produce and ship over 50 million gallons of seed oil annually to the biofuel refineries in the US. This will expand and diversify our market and products.”

“The Jatropha plantation is driven by new high yield sustainable agriculture practices that will push the hybrid Jatropha fruit production over 50 percent higher using less land, less water, fertilizer and chemicals by building soil health. This plantation will be the most efficient high production biofuel operation in the world,” says Michael Chaplinsky, president of turf feeding systems and chief operating officer for agriculture for Monarca.