EC approves French support scheme for biogas

By Erin Voegele | December 15, 2016

On Dec. 12, the European Commission confirmed that four French support schemes for renewable energy are in line with Eruopean Union state aid rules. One of the four schemes focuses on biogas projects.

Information released by the commission explains that its analysis concluded that the four support schemes will help promote EU objectives in the fiend of energy and climate without unduly distorting competition.

Under the biogas scheme, French authorities will provide financial support to projects of less than 500 kW that use biogas produced by methanization, such as gas produced from agricultural residues and organic waste. The other three schemes provide support projects using energy extracted from geothermal deposits, hydroelectric plants of less than 1 MW, and wind farms that submitted complete aid applications in 2016. Projects of 500 kW or less will be eligible for feed-in tariffs, with projects larger than 500 kW receiving support in the form of top-up payments under the schemes.

According to the commission, the aid schemes, with an estimated budget of € 7.681 billion ($8.161 billion) until 2042, will help France meet its renewable energy objectives by boosting renewable energy production capacity by an estimated 2,148 MW.