Graanul seeking SBP certification on all 4 Estonian pellet plants

By Katie Fletcher | January 11, 2017

Graanul Invest AS Estonian plants are applying for Sustainable Biomass Partnership certification. The main evaluation audits are completed at the Imavere and Ebavere Graanul OÜ pellet plants and audits for Osula and Helme are scheduled for February. All assessments are carried out by certification body NEPCon Estonia.

Graanul Invest owns 11 pellets plants, in total, with four located in Estonia. Graanul CEO, Raul Kirjanen, estimated that across all of the company’s plants around 2.15 million metric tons of pellets were produced in 2016.

This past fall, Graanul Invest announced its Imavere and Ebavere pellet plants were applying for SBP certification. The first evaluations took place in December and are now complete. Final copies of both plants’ SBP supply base reports can be found here. Drafted SBP supply base reports can also be accessed for Osula and Helme, which will have their audits carried out next month.

Whether drafted or final, the reports include a description of the supply base for each plant. According to the four Estonian plants’ reports, all of the used primary and secondary feedstock originates from Estonia and Latvia, and all suppliers assured Graanul Invest that they sell less feedstock than they have Estonian wood input. Controlled feedstock at Imavere amounts to 29.9 percent; Ebavere, 27.3 percent; Osula, 34.7 percent; and Helme, 34.8 percent.

Across all four plants, their supply base reports state that each plant is only purchasing certified feedstock and is rapidly increasing their forest management certified feedstock levels. All raw material used at Imavere is already approximately 71 percent certified; at Ebavere, approximately 73 percent certified; and at both Osula and Helme, approximately 65 percent certified. These certified raw material levels make all plants SBP compliant in regards to their supply base evaluation.

Imavere’s and Ebavere’s supply base reports were published for stakeholder consultation this past fall; none of the stakeholders made any written comments or inquiries. Supply base reports for Osula and Helme were published for stakeholder consultation on Dec. 21 and the consultation results will be published in the final version of each report in March 2017.