Pruitt confirmed as US EPA administrator

By Anna Simet | February 17, 2017

In a 54-46 vote, Scott Pruitt has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as administrator of the U.S. EPA.

President Donald Trump nominated Pruitt as EPA administrator in early December. He has served as attorney general of Oklahoma since November 2010, and prior to his election as attorney general, Pruitt served eight years in the Oklahoma senate.

Pruitt has been designated as a climate change denier by the environmental community, has fought implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and has been a staunch critic of the U.S. EPA. During a Jan. 18 hearing with U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, Pruitt said the EPA serves a critical mission in promoting and protecting a strong and healthy environment, but claimed it “became dissatisfied with the tools congress has given it to address certain issues, and bootstrapped its own powers and tools through rulemaking.”

As administrator, Pruitt said he would work to ensure the EPA has a cooperative and collaborative relationship with Congress in fulfilling its intent.

Also during the hearing, Pruitt expressed general support of biofuels and the renewable fuel standard. Read some of his comments here.