WPAC invites Canadian pellet producers to join safety committee

By WPAC Safety Committee | March 20, 2017

Wood Pellet Safety Resources

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada Board of Directors has appointed the Safety Committee to manage the safety objectives of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada. The Safety Committee works in close cooperation with the BC Forest Safety Council.

The Safety Committee's purpose is to improve our industry's collective environment, health, safety, and sustainability performance; to create a reputation with regulatory authorities and the public as an industry that is highly effective at managing environment, health, safety, and sustainability; and to learn and share best practices regarding environment, health, safety, and sustainability.

Safety Committee member responsibilities:

 -To treat the committee as a high priority commitment and will make every effort to attend meetings and conference calls.

-To refrain from treating safety as a competitive advantage.

-To cooperate and be open about sharing safety information that would benefit the collective safety of our industry

-To commit to apply what is learned from the Safety Committee's work to raise their own company safety performance to the highest level.

-To be aware that each company's individual safety performance reflects on the reputation of entire industry.

Operation of the Safety Committee:

 -Members meet by conference call for one hour on the second Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.

-The Safety Committee prepares an annual work plan and monitors progress against this plan on each conference call.

-Safety Committee members each volunteer to take responsibility for specific tasks from the annual work plan.

-All Canadian pellet producers are welcome to join the Safety Committee. Contact Gordon Murray.


Safety Committee Members:

Chair: Scott Bax   Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group
Secretary: Gordon Murray   Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Corey Gardiner   Aon
Robert Moonen   BC Forest Safety Council
James Snow   Premium Pellet Ltd.
Kerry Douglas   West Fraser
Christine Paradis   Foothills Forest Products
Mark Stevens   Foothills Forest Products
Robert Tarcon   Premium Pellet Ltd.
John Stirling   Princeton Standard Pellet Corporation
John Arsenault   Quebec Wood Export Bureau
Pierre-Olivier Morency   Rentech
Darrell Robinson   Shaw Resources