Tennessee gasification plant recognized with award

By Aries Clean Energy | November 27, 2017

The Lebanon Gasification Initiative has received the 2017 project of the year honors from the Tennessee Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

This award recognizes a project in a Tennessee city that epitomizes outstanding planning, construction, and management. This project becomes the Tennessee Chapter’s nomination to the National AWPA Top Ten Projects of the Year. It was recently announced at the TCAPWA Annual Conference held in Knoxville. At the heart of the Lebanon initiative is the world’s largest downdraft gasification plant designed and built by Aries Clean Energy.

“This kind of recognition echoes how much teamwork it takes to build and implement a project like this,” said Gregory L. Bafalis, CEO of Aries. “We are pleased to bring the technology and expertise to this waste-to-energy plant. That combined with the support of the city public works team has made for a great partnership.”

This marks the fifth industry award for the innovative plant. Earlier this year, the plant has received honors from: the state of Tennessee Governor’s Stewardship Award and project of the year accolades from Environmental Leader and Industrial Wastewater Digest. The Greater Nashville Regional Council presented the 2017 Local Government Award for Public Works & Utility Infrastructure to the city last month.

Like many cities this size, Mayor Bernie Ash says tackling the solid waste issue is best done taking one step at a time. He sees this waste-to-energy plant as the first step toward a total MRF (material recovery facility) line for the city’s waste. “I’m pleased to say that with the detailed planning initiated by Aries, construction and implementation have progressed very smoothly. As with any power plant, we’ve had some bugs to work out, but overall, it's been a great team-building experience,” said Ash.