RWE reorganizes its conventional generation business

By RWE | January 08, 2018

RWE has started the New Year with a new setup in its generation business. “We want to reposition our portfolio effectively in a changing market environment. This is why we decided last year to make our electricity generation companies more flexible, while aligning them more closely to their respective energy sources,” explains Rolf Martin Schmitz, chairman and CEO of RWE AG.

As part of this reorganization, the dual responsibilities held to date on the boards of RWE Generation and RWE Power will come to an end. Matthias Hartung, who headed up both companies as CEO for five years, has retired as planned. “Matthias Hartung successfully led our generation business through a very difficult time, he always put the interests of RWE and its employees first. We owe him the greatest respect and appreciation for this and wish him the very best for his future endeavors,” emphasizes Rolf Martin Schmitz, who is also chairman of the supervisory board of both companies.


RWE Generation: Gas, hard coal, hydro and biomass

RWE’s gas, hard coal, hydroelectric power and biomass generation business is now pooled within RWE Generation SE. This company is headed up by Roger Miesen as CEO. Before this, he was already responsible for the gas, hard coal and biomass generation business as head of division. Katja van Doren holds the dual posts of chief financial officer and chief HR officer at RWE Generation. Tom Glover completes the executive board, with additional responsibility for the commercial optimization of the power plant fleet as managing director of RWE Supply & Trading GmbH.


RWE Power: Lignite nuclear energy

Since Jan. 1, RWE Power has been in charge of electricity production from lignite and the strategic management of nuclear energy. Its CEO is Frank Weigand, who is also the company’s chief financial officer. As before, RWE Power AG’s Lignite Division is spearheaded by Lars Kulik. Erwin Winkel remains RWE Power AG’s chief HR officer and labor director. He will retire in July 2018 and transfer his duties to Kemo Razanica, officer vested with full power of attorney at RAG Aktiengesellschaft. In charge of the Nuclear Division is Nikolaus Valerius, whose previous position was head of the hard coal and gas division in Germany and the Netherlands. In his dual role, Valerius is managing director technology of the newly established RWE Nuclear GmbH, under which RWE’s activities in the field of nuclear energy were subsumed on Jan. 1 2018. Gabriele Strehlau is managing director commercial of RWE Nuclear GmbH, a function through which she is also responsible for human resources. Strehlau’s previous position was head of nuclear energy controlling in RWE Power AG’s Nuclear Energy Division. The company is in charge of operating and dismantling RWE’s nuclear assets and will operate all of the sites’ interim storage facilities until they are transferred to the federal government in 2019