Guidebooks provide resources for modern wood heating in Vermont

By Vermont State Wood Energy Team | January 23, 2018

The Vermont State Wood Energy Team is pleased to announce the availability of two new resources for modern wood heating.

“A Practical Guide to Modern Wood Heating: Successful Conversion to Wood Heating for Schools in Vermont” and “A Practical Guide to Modern Wood Heating: Successful Conversion to Wood Heating for Affordable Housing in Vermont” are comprehensive guides intended to educate administrators, building managers, and school boards about the possibilities for wood heat as a lower-cost, more predictable, stable, and local energy source.

These 70-page guides provide insight on wood fuel types, pricing, and installation considerations, and offer additional resources and case studies. They were created to increase awareness of the viability of modern wood heating and ensure that potential projects employ best in class technology and design and management practices.

Both guides are available free online and in print by request. The PDFs are available at:


Affordable Housing:

To request a print copy, contact Emma Hanson, Wood Energy Coordinator, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation: [email protected] or at 802-622-4187.

The State Wood Energy Team is a partnership of the U.S. Forest Service, the State of Vermont, the Biomass Energy Resource Center, Housing Vermont, Renewable Energy Vermont, and the School Energy Management Program of the Vermont Superintendents Association.

The guides were authored by Adam Sherman, Juliette Juillerat, and Rabi Vandergon at the Biomass Energy Resource Center at Vermont Energy Investment Corp., and funded by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service.