PA Biomass Energy Association expands to Mid-Atlantic

By Mid-Atlantic Bioenergy Council | February 12, 2018

The Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association announced that it has expanded its focus beyond the keystone state to the region and will now be known as the Mid-Atlantic Bioenergy Council. The material focus of the organization remains the same: representing the use of biomass to produce clean heat, power, biogas and soil amendments, but now the organization is geographically expanded from Pennsylvania to the Mid-Atlantic region. The council remains dedicated to supporting the use of biomass in the residential, small business, commercial, institutional, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

MABEC Board Chair John Costlow, president of the Sustainable Energy Fund, remarked, "More than anything, this move is a reflection of our members' business interests which have never been confined to one state. This expanded focus will allow MABEC to better support the biomass energy industry, in all its forms, and create new opportunities for its businesses and our organization ."

MABEC can be found online at and Twitter @MABEC_ .