Active Energy opens Utah facility

By Erin Voegele | February 13, 2018

U.K.-based Active Energy Group plc has announced its CoalSwitch plant in Utah officially became operational the week of Feb. 5 and is producing the company’s high-calorific, high-bulk-density biomass pellet. Active Energy said biomass fuel produced at the facility will be prepared for delivery under offtake agreements that are already in place.

According to the company, CoalSwitch is produced primarily from forestry waste and other industrial cellulose waste products. The product can be fired with coal in existing coal-fired power plants at any ratio, up to 100 percent.

"With the plant operational, AEG can now demonstrate the delivery of commercial quantities of CoalSwitch,” said Richard Spinks, CEO of Active Energy, in a statement. “This is clearly an inflection point in the development of our business and we are delighted to welcome a select group of parties to visit the plant this week.  In addition to seeing the fully operational plant, the parties will receive a dedicated briefing from AEG's technical, financial and commercial teams.”

"We will arrange for many other organizations and potential partners to visit the plant over the coming weeks and months as the Group expands its production capacity in Utah and elsewhere,” Spinks continued. "We believe that AEG's CoalSwitch biomass fuel technology can make a significant contribution to the environment globally due to its unique qualities and ability to be a direct drop-in fuel to the power industry. The fact that AEG can utilize multiple types of biomass and, most importantly, forestry waste and residuals waste wood, has generated interest from a multitude of prospective partners, including governments, corporates and utilities who all recognize the unique qualities and environmental credentials of CoalSwitch."