BPA adds new members Jametown Energy, Koda Energy, Forest2Market

By Biomass Power Association | February 15, 2018

Biomass Power Association recently announced that it has signed three new members. Two biomass power facility owners and operators—Jamestown Energy located in California and Koda Energy in Minnesota—and Forest2Market, a company analyzing the wood raw materials supply chain located in North Carolina, have joined the association.

“We are thrilled to welcome Koda Energy, Jamestown Energy and Forest2Market as the newest member of Biomass Power Association,” said Carrie Annand, executive director of BPA. “These three new members are from different corners of the country, representing both biomass facilities and the larger wood supply chain. As a trade association representing the biomass power industry, we work to ensure that all of our members get the recognition they deserve for the invaluable services they provide, from power to forest management. We have exciting initiatives in motion that we hope will benefit all members of the biomass power community.”

Koda Energy is a 23.4 MW biomass heat and power plant in Shakopee, Minnesota, utilizing organic fuels including wood chips, saw dust, municipal tree trimmings, ground pallets, oat hulls, wheat and sunflower screenings, and other forestry and agriculture waste. The facility, which opened in 2009, provides thermal heat to Rahr Malting Company located nearby, replacing an average of 90 million cubic feet of natural gas consumption each month.

"We are pleased to join Biomass Power Association, which brings together the biomass power industry," said Stacy Cook, president of Koda Energy. "Together, we can work toward recognition and favorable policy outcomes for the baseload renewable power Koda Energy puts on the grid, as well as for putting to use organic waste and byproducts. We look forward to working with the association and our fellow members to spread awareness about biomass power and advocate for good policy that will sustain and grow our industry."

Jamestown Energy is part owner of Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station. The 19.8 MW facility, located close to the community of Chinese Camp near California’s Stanislaus National Forest, utilizes wood fuel from forest management operations (such as pre-commercial thinning or dead tree removal), urban construction and demolition wood, and agricultural products such as nutshells and orchard prunings. The power produced by the facility is purchased by Southern California Edison under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

Forest2Market, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, delivers project development and operational support to new and existing biopower projects by providing fuel supply diligence utilizing our proprietary market data. The company has conducted more than 300 analytical projects in support of traditional forest products industries, emerging biobased sectors, financial institutions and industrial organizations. Forest2Market is committed to promoting biopower as a key energy segment to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Forest2Market looks forward to being an active member of BPA,” said Stan Parton, Forest2Market’s manager bioenergy & biochemical practice. “Biopower has been and continues to be a significant part of our analytical services market. We have long advocated for biopower and its ability to supply cost effective base load power while reducing net carbon addition compared to fossil fueled power generation. We have been active in the EU market as a policy support advisor and hope that through BPA we can support the conversation and development of biopower projects and reasonable policies that support our sector. “