Meridian, Genarex partner on bio-additives for plastics

By Meridian Waste Solutions Inc. | February 16, 2018

Meridian Waste Solutions Inc., an innovative technology and integrated, non-hazardous solid waste services company, recently announced a strategic partnership with Genarex FD LLC to develop a broader range of bio-additives for the plastics market. 

Genarex extracts otherwise low-value materials from corn ethanol byproducts and uses these materials as bio-additives in plastics. 

The U.S. corn ethanol industry produces about 50 million tons of a low-value byproduct referred to as distillers dried grains, or DDGS.  Genarex’s technology removes a portion of the DDGS and converts it into a polymerized material branded as Bylox. This material has proven to have a high value as a functional filler in numerous plastic formulations.

Attis Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Waste Solutions, recovers lignin from the byproduct stream of biomass processing industries, such as pulp and paper and cellulosic ethanol. Attis’ recovered lignin is unique in that it is a melt flowing biomaterial that is low cost and acts as a highly functional polymerized biofiller in applications such as plastics, adhesives and transportation fuels. 

The combination of the two offerings adds value to a vast array of plastics conversion technologies, including blown and cast films, injection molding, profile and sheet extrusion, thermoforming, and rotational molding. Bioplastics including PLA, PBAT, PBS, and traditional plastics including PE, PP, PVC, and PS are just a few of the resin systems which can be extended or improved with the combined portfolio of products. The products offered by both companies are entirely biobased and offer resin extension at cost parity or cost savings to existing fossil fuel-derived feedstocks.

“Partnering with Genarex allows us to tap into its seven-year history of process and product development and pre-existing commercial scale pilot capabilities to accelerate the commercialization of our lignin products,” said Jeff Cosman, Meridian’s CEO. “We see the established infrastructure and coproduct volumes of the corn ethanol industry as a strategic target for our developing ecosystem of value-added biorefining technologies. We’re excited to work with the Genarex team to build shareholder value for both companies as we continue to evolve from traditional waste management to byproduct conversion and refining.”