Global Green to expand biogas program to 2 California cities

By Global Green | March 26, 2018

Non-profit, Global Green announced March 23 it will select two Southern California cities as partners to participate in a new food waste recycling program, using an Eco-Ambassador resident outreach model. The two cities will be chosen based on existing access to food-waste-to-biogas production, or an interest in investing in biogas production infrastructure, as well as their focus on underserved communities. Global Green resource recovery experts have nearly a decade of expertise in waste and biogas.

This free assistance is being provided under an Environmental Champions grant from Southern California Gas Co.. (SoCalGas). The estimated dollar value of this technical assistance is approximately $7,500 per city, and will be offered at no expense to the two cities selected for the program. No matching funds are required.

“SoCalGas is proud to support Global Green in this effort to help California meet its air pollution and climate goals by taking methane from organic waste and using it to make renewable natural gas,” said Trisha Muse, community relations director at SoCalGas. “More than 80 percent of California’s methane emissions come from agriculture, wastewater and landfills. When we divert organic waste from our landfills, we can convert it into renewable fuel that can be used to fuel trucks, generate electricity or heat our homes.”

Over a four-month implementation period, Global Green will guide each city in creating a sustainable resident outreach program that is specific to the city’s needs and objectives. The programs will address the interconnected issues of food waste and clean, renewable energy (i.e. biogas) in underserved communities. Global Green will train city staff to implement the program as a city-led program that continues beyond the four-month period of technical assistance, and will host a stakeholder workshop with city leaders focused on expanding the adoption of food-waste-to-biogas infrastructure.

Global Green will additionally assist in recruiting Eco-Ambassadors and implementing up to two training workshops.  The group will also install and administer waste data and engagement tracking strategies, such as waste bin sensor technologies and participant surveys. The cities selected to receive this technical assistance will be activated with a base of motivated Eco-Ambassadors that expand the city’s capacity for outreach and impact, as well as waste data, to optimize waste operations and cut costs.

The Eco-Ambassador program addresses urban infrastructure planning, local clean energy opportunities, and the long-term success of state policy goals, including AB-1826. It also engages resident participation, amplifies outreach efforts and resources, and empowers communities through waste education and resource recovery. The objective of this program is to increase awareness about food waste prevention and recovery, as well as to increase the adoption and implementation of food scrap collection programs.

Cities within SoCalGas’ service territory with access to food scrap collection services through their waste hauler(s) are eligible to apply for this opportunity. To be considered or for more information, please contact Madisen Gittlin at: [email protected] by May 1, 2018.