Green Biologics, Kingsford Charcoal launch EcoLight lighter fluid

By Green Biologics Inc. | April 03, 2018

Green Biologics Inc. announced that it has agreed to supply its patented GreenFlame biobased charcoal lighter fluid formulation exclusively to Kingsford Charcoal, to be marketed under a new brand: EcoLight. The licensing agreement builds on the successful 2017 introduction of GreenFlame, a natural USDA BioPreferred certified, clean-burning charcoal lighter fluid based on Green Biologics' proprietary advanced fermentation process.

Kingsford EcoLight Powered by GreenFlame charcoal lighter fluid will be available at retailers across the country starting later this month, with intentions for continued expansion throughout 2018 and beyond.

"As the leading charcoal brand and wholly owned subsidiary of The Clorox Company, a champion for sustainability, we found Kingsford to be an excellent partner for the GreenFlame charcoal lighter fluid formulation," said David Anderson, global vice president of marketing, Green Biologics. "Their strong branding, extensive retail presence, and distribution capabilities will quickly introduce a large number of consumers to a high-performance, biobased alternative to petro-based charcoal lighter fluid. We see this as a critical first step toward an exciting future of renewable product collaborations."

"Working with Green Biologics to introduce this product was a logical addition to our existing line, showcasing Kingsford's commitment to launching products consistent with evolving consumer trends," said Lauren Kahn, director of marketing at Kingsford. "The key to EcoLight's success lies in its superior performance. Unlike other natural charcoal lighter fluids on the market, there are no trade-offs in performance here. EcoLight lights quickly, stays lit and works every time."