Turboden sells 300th ORC biomass plant

By Erin Voegele | June 05, 2018

Italy-based Turboden S.p.A., a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group company, has announced the sale of its 300th Organic Rankine Cycle biomass plant, a 5 MWe plant sold in Turkey to AGT.

According to the company, it sold its first 300 kWe unit in Switzerland. Since that time, it has expanded its global presence to 40 countries. The company is also expanding the size of its ORC biomass plants, with facilities up to 12 MWe currently in operation and larger plants expected to come online soon.

In a statement, Turboden described its innovative approach, which includes implementation of island mode operation and its direct heat exchange system. Island mode operation provides electric power in areas where the electricity system is not stable, while the company’s direct heat exchange system avoids heat transfer media, which allows investment costs to be reduced while ORC performance is improved.

Turboden also discussed the flexibility of its systems, specifically citing its ability to take in various types of biomass as fuel, along with the possibility to receive either thermal oil or saturated steam.

“In the years ahead we have the ambition not only to maintain but also to increase our leadership in this biomass CHP market, emphasizing the advantages of ORC solutions versus steam: no need of water for the cooling system and for the process, automatic operations, high efficiency also at partial load, and many others,” said Paolo Bertuzzi, managing director and CEO at Turboden “ Moreover, an innovative technological solution ‘Turboden Steam & Power’ is entering in commercial phase: producing steam it will enlarge Turboden presence in the cogeneration market beyond the typical temperatures of 80 - 100 [degrees Celsius].”