EIA proposes to extend, update densified biomass fuel reporting

By Erin Voegele | July 03, 2018

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has filed a notice in the Federal Register requesting a three-year extension of data collection related to its monthly Densified Biomass Fuel Report, along with certain changes to the collection form.

The form, EIA-63C, collects data on wood pellet fuel and other densified biomass fuel production, sales and inventory levels from U.S. manufacturing facilities of densified fuel products. The data collection aims to estimate densified biomass fuel consumption in the U.S., along with production, sales and inventory at the state, regional and national level.

The proposed changes would mean respondents would no longer have to answer six questions currently included in the form, including those related to planned annual production capacity and some questions related to the horsepower of certain plant machinery.

The EIA is also seeking to change the annual reporting deadline for facilities with less than 10,000 tons of annual capacity from Feb. 1 to June 1 to coincide with the industry’s offseason.

Comments are due July 26 and can be submitted via email. Additional information is available on the Federal Register website.