California governor signs RNG procurement bill into law

By Erin Voegele | September 25, 2018

On Sept. 23, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 1440, which authorizes a state procurement program for renewable natural gas (RNG). SB 1440 was the second piece of RNG legislation signed by Brown in late September. Both bills were sponsored by the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas.

SB 1440 authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission to adopt a biomethane procurement program that benefits rate payers, is cost-effective, and advances the state’s environmental and energy policies. The bill was first introduced in February 2018. It was passed by the California Senate in May by a vote of 27 to nine. The state Assembly voted 52 to 17 in favor of the bill in August.

“The signing of SB 1440 into law is an important next step towards realizing increased development, deployment and utilization of renewable natural gas from a variety of feedstocks in the State,” said Johannes Escudero, CEO of the RNG Coalition. "The bill creates a proceeding where we will have the opportunity to make the case for why and how an RNG procurement program will create market certainty that the industry needs in order to access the investment capital required to build RNG production facilities in California.”

Only two days before he signed SB 1440, Brown signed AB 3187. That bill aims to facilitate the pipeline integration of RNG. 

"With California's organic waste diversion and methane reduction mandates fast approaching, it is critical that we consider policies now to enable the development of renewable natural gas facilities in California," said Nina Kapoor, RNG Coalition director of state government affairs.