FutureMetrics paper shows benefits of coal-to-pellet conversions

By Erin Voegele | October 30, 2018

FutureMetrics has published a new white paper that shows why countries, states and provinces that are serious about lowering carbon emissions from the power sector should pursue the use of wood pellets as a replacement for coal.

The brief, three-page white paper highlights England as a real-world example of how pellet-fueled pulverized coal power stations can be part of the solution to lower carbon emissions.  

Within the paper, FutureMetrics notes that the Drax Power Station and Lynemouth power station are two of the U.K’s largest pellet-fueled power generation facilities. The white paper features a chart showing U.K.’s energy mix for the week of Oct. 19 that illustrates pellet-fired generation in the U.K. is taking on some of the peaking load, which lowers the need to use coal and natural gas. The chart also illustrates a lack of wind-generated power early in the week, and the daily peak and fall of solar powered generation.

According to FutureMetrics, the data clearly demonstrates that using pellet fuel for power generation provides reliable on-demand baseline and peaking capacity. Furthermore, the paper stresses that “this strategy is the only pathway for generating renewable thermal power that does not suffer from uncontrolled variability and intermittency.”

A full copy of the white paper can be downloaded on the FutureMetrics website