Washington House passes bill to establish Clean Fuels Program

By Erin Voegele | March 15, 2019

The state of Washington is one step closer to mandating the use of cleaner transportation fuels. The state’s House recently passed legislation to establish a Clean Fuels Program, which aims to increase the use of biofuels and other renewable fuels.  

HB 1110, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, was introduced in January. The state’s House voted 53 to 43 in favor of the legislation on March 12. The bill is now under consideration in the Senate. The Committee on Environment, Energy and Technology has scheduled a public hearing on the bill for March 19.

The bill directs the Washington State Department of Ecology to adopt a rule establishing a clean Fuels Program that would limit GHG emission per unit of transportation fuel energy to 10 below 2017 levels by 2028 and 20 percent below 2017 levels by 2035.

A statement released by Fitzgibbon indicates the Clean Fuels Program implemented by HB 1110 would improve local air quality and provide economic benefits to Washington’s communities by increasing demand for biofuels produced in the state. The program would create opportunities for Washington producers of clean transportation fuels, including biodiesel, renewable natural gas (RNG) and clean electricity.

 “It is long past time for Washington to join our neighbors to the north and south in adopting a strong program to reduce pollution from transportation fuels,” Fitzgibbon said. “We owe it to present and future generations to take strong action to protect our climate, clean our air, and grow clean energy jobs, and this bill takes us a big step in the right direction.”

A full copy of the bill is available on the Washington State Legislature website.