BioGold Fuels partners with Energy Dynamics

By Bryan Sims
Web exclusive posted May 7, 2008 at 3:30 p.m. CST

BioGold Fuels Corp. has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with Energy Dynamics Corp. International, in which BioGold Fuels will be provided access to Energy Dynamics thermal distillation and gasification technologies that aid in the conversion of biomass feedstocks to energy sources such as diesel fuel and synthetic gas.

In addition, the partnership affords BioGold Fuels access to any improvements made by Energy Dynamics to the technology. This agreement will also initiate exclusive exchanges of products between the two companies.

BioGold Fuels has a patented autoclave system which converts municipal solid waste and other waste streams at the front-end of the process. BioGold Fuels intends to incorporate its conversion technology in tandem with Energy Dynamics' gasification technology. According to BioGold Fuels Chief Executive Officer Steve Racoosin, combining the technologies will enable BioGold Fuels to efficiently convert its biomass waste streams into more saleable end products such as syngas for electrical generation, a diesel blendstock, acetic acid and potentially cellulosic ethanol.

Once BioGold Fuels sterilizes sorts and sizes the biomass feedstock in a homogeneous fashion, Energy Dynamics' gasification technology then cooks the carbon-based feedstocks in an oxygen-free environment where it's converted into renewable energy and biofuels. "[Energy Dynamics' gasification technology] radiates a heat source from the outer wall into the chamber where there is no oxygen," Racoosin said. "When the vapor is condensed in a simple matter, it's a fuel with no catalysts involved."

Energy Dynamics has proven its gasification technology at its Paramount, Calif., site where it has obtained a South Coast Air Quality Management District permit, which is considered to be the strictest permit to gain approval for in the state.
Incorporating Energy Dynamics' technology, BioGold Fuels intends to build and own a biorefinery at a host site in Kansas, Racoosin said.

In addition to offering an outsourcing option for landfill sites that pay high tipping fees to dispose their waste, BioGold Fuel's biorefinery projects could also be built and colocated on site with an existing ethanol plant looking to reduce natural costs and pursue additional revenue options, Racoosin said.

"We can take every waste stream a city could create and now it's independent," Racoosin said. "These are long term disposal options."

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