White House seeks information on US bioeconomy

By Erin Voegele | September 23, 2019

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is seeking input from the public on the U.S. bioeconomy in an effort to inform notable gaps and vulnerabilities and to identify areas in which the bioeconomy could benefit from government attention.

A notice published in the Federal Register Sept. 10 notes the bioeconomy represents the infrastructure, innovation, products, technology and data derived from biologically-related processes and science that drive economic growth, promote health and increase public benefit.

OSTP is seeking input from the public, including those with capital investments in the bioeconomy, who perform innovative research or are developing enabling platforms and applications in the field of biological sciences. This includes healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, manufacturing, energy production and agriculture.

Information provided through the solicitation can include suggestions on the areas for greatest priority within the bioeconomy, as well as past or future federal government efforts to build, promote and sustain the U.S. bioeconomy. According to the notice, information submitted by members of the public will inform the executive office of the president as well as members of the private sector, academia, non-government entities, and other stakeholders.

Comments can be filed through Oct. 22. Additional information is available on the Federal Register website.