New biodiesel technology event launched, abstracts welcome

By BBI International | October 14, 2019

A new conference dedicated to biodiesel and renewable diesel processing, the Biodiesel Production Technology Summit, will take place in Minneapolis June 15-17, 2020. Organized by BBI International and produced by Biodiesel Magazine, the event is a new forum designed for biodiesel and renewable diesel producers to learn about cutting-edge process technologies, new techniques and equipment to optimize existing production, and efficiencies to save money while increasing throughput and fuel quality.

The Biodiesel Production Technology Summit will feature premium content from technology providers, equipment vendors, consultants, engineers and producers to advance discussion while fostering an environment of collaboration and networking through captivating presentations and fruitful conversation, all with a single purpose—to further the biomass-based diesel sector beyond its current limitations.

From frontend pretreatment to backend quality measures and everything in between, this premiere event covers the technology gamut, leaving producers with practical solutions to their needs.

Presentations and discussions will focus on key areas of biodiesel and renewable diesel production, such as:

-Plant Upgrades

-Optimization (Debottlenecking & Efficiency Improvements)


-Pretreatment (Esterification, Feedstock Cleaning, Dewaxing, Degumming, Fatty Acid Stripping, Filtration, Centrifuging, Etc.)

-Processing Equipment (Pumps, Valves, Tanks, Reactors, Filters, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Centrifuges, Instrumentation, Etc.)

-Process Technologies—Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel

-Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Catalysts (Acid, Base, Enzyme, Fixed-bed, Solid, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Regenerative, Recyclable, Metal, Hydrotreating, Etc.)

-Plant Automation & Process Control Systems

-Process Analysis

-Posttreatment (Fuel Washing, Polishing, Filtration, Centrifuging, Distillation, Methanol Recovery, Neutralization, Soap-splitting, CSFT, HVO Isomerization, Etc.)

-Adsorbents & Resins

-Fuel Quality Analysis

-Plant Services (Engineering, Consulting, Cleaning, Maintenance, Etc.)

-Glycerin Upscaling Technologies

-Biodiesel Upscaling to Alternative, Non-fuel Products

-Project Development—Biodiesel

-Project Development—Renewable Diesel

-Design/Build Innovations

-And more 

For more than 15 years, Biodiesel Magazine has diligently covered the evolving biodiesel industry. From the early days of soybean oil-centric conversions to the introduction of multifeedstock approaches, new quality controls, advanced process technologies, optimization techniques and the proliferation of renewable diesel production, Biodiesel Magazine was there. Now, the industry-leading trade publication is tapping into its extensive background in this market and the relationships it has developed to produce the Biodiesel Production Technology Summit, a valuable experience for stakeholders in the biomass-based diesel space.

“This has long been a dream of mine—to develop, organize and produce an event focused on biodiesel and renewable diesel process technologies and production,” said Ron Kotrba, editor of Biodiesel Magazine and program director for the Biodiesel Production Technology Summit. “So many different, fascinating techniques exist to produce biodiesel, along with a number of different approaches to produce more efficiently and cost-effectively. And with the relatively recent expansion of renewable diesel production domestically and internationally, it will be great to invite these producers, some of which are also biodiesel manufacturers, and technology providers into the discussion because our goal is all the same—to make biomass-based diesel mainstream so society can benefit from all it offers.”

In January, Kotrba, who has been writing for Biodiesel Magazine since 2005 and editing the publication for more than 10 years, won the National Biodiesel Board’s “Eye on Biodiesel” Influence award.

John Nelson, vice president of marketing and sales for BBI International, said given the political uncertainty surrounding the Renewable Fuel Standard and biodiesel tax credit, timing could not be more appropriate for a new conference that focuses on low-cost biomass-based diesel production and efficiency. “In a business where pennies per gallon can mean the difference between success and failure, we think people want to hear about ways to make their fuel better and cheaper,” Nelson said.

Co-located with the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, the Biodiesel Production Technology Summit conveniently harnesses the full potential of the integrated biofuels industries while providing focus on processing methods with tangible results for biomass-based diesel producers. The three-day slate of co-located events in Minneapolis will be the world’s largest gathering of biofuel producers. 

Registration for the Biodiesel Production Technology Summit is free of charge for all employees of biodiesel and renewable diesel production facilities, from operators and maintenance personnel to board members, executives and owners.

Presentation ideas are being accepted now through Feb. 14, 2020. Click here to submit an abstract, or visit