Capstone helps California facility produce renewable energy

By Capstone Turbine Corp. | April 02, 2020

Capstone Turbine Corp., the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced March 26 that it received an order for an 800 kilowatt (kW) Signature Series microturbine to upgrade the City of Roseville, California, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

The low-emission C800S microturbine system will allow the City of Roseville to yield significant benefits for customers and the environment in the near and long-term. The regional wastewater plant will help officials meet efficiency and sustainability goals by reducing carbon emission, equal to what can be stored in 2,100 acres of forest, and produce clean and green power equal to powering 740 homes.

Cal Microturbine, Capstone's exclusive distributor in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii and Nevada (, secured the order for the digester-gas fueled Capstone C800S microturbine energy system.

"This order is significant as it shows the continued expansion of the biogas sector in the United States," said Darren Jamison, president and CEO of Capstone Turbine Corp. "Global wastewater treatment projects and other biogas to energy projects like landfills and breweries continue to grow and today make up 15 percent of our total revenue for the nine months ended Dec. 31, 2019, compared to only 8 percent in the same period last year," added Jamison.

Capstone Turbine's innovative microturbine systems have the ability to operate on biogas and other renewable fuels and produce clean and efficient electricity and thermal energy. Capstone microturbines are designed to help end-users improve their environmental impact while meeting critical power and reliability requirements.

"Capstone microturbines meet strict emissions regulations with minimal renewable fuel processing to provide firm, 24/7 renewable power, a major need for grid support in California," said Kenda Brown, President at Cal Microturbine. "Cal Microturbine sees continued growth in the renewable market as clients move to make beneficial use of biogas," added Brown.

The infrastructure upgrade project will not only increase treatment capacity but will allow officials to build a waste-to-energy cogeneration plant that will produce electricity for onsite use. A five-bay C800 Signature Series microturbine will provide a long-term scalable solution for the project and can be easily expanded in the future to accommodate an increase in site loads. The 800kW Capstone system is expected to be delivered in December of this year, in line with Capstone's recently enacted COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan.

The WWTP will utilize minimally processed digester methane for use in the 800kW Capstone system while the waste heat will be recovered for digester heating. As digester gas production increases, the customer can add an additional 200kW module by populating an unused engine bay within the enclosure, avoiding future site work and reducing costs. Capstone was selected by a national engineering firm due to its value, emissions, and flexibility to easily add an additional 200kW of power. Cal Microturbine is currently working on an identical follow-on project for another municipal digester with the same engineering firm.