Public consultation opens on UK-based Uskmouth conversion project

By Erin Voegele | June 08, 2020

A 28-day pre-application consultation (PAC) for the Uskmouth conversion project is now open. SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd. has proposed to convert the U.K.-based coal-fired power plant to operate using waste-derived fuel pellets.

According to Atlantis, the PAC represents a planning milestone for the project and will be open from June 1 through June 29.

The company is seeking planning permission for the new external infrastructure required to transport, store and convey fuel pellets, including the development of storage silos, a de-dusting building, an extension to the rail unloading facility, new above-ground conveyors, and ancillary developments at the Uskmouth Power Station. Work must also be completed inside the existing power station buildings to upgrade the plant to take in fuel pellets and extend the operational life of the facility. Atlantis said the improvements would allow the plant to combust waste-derived fuel pellets over an extended 20-year operational design life.  

Atlantis has been developing the conversion project since June 2018 when the company acquired the project from SIMEC UK Energy Holdings Ltd. Since that time, the company said the design of the project has evolved and been optimized. Atlantis and project partner SIMEC Subcoal Fuels no long plan to develop a fuel pellet production facility on land adjacent to the Uskmouth Power Station. Atlantis said the change significantly reduces road traffic and transport impacts. Rather, fuel pellet production plants are now planned for development at alternative locations in England. The fuel pellets would be transported to the power station via rail.

A variety of documents are available as part of the public consultation, including a planning application, planning statement, design and access statement, non-technical summary, and environmental statement.

Additional information is available on the Atlantis website