Quebec’s green economy plan addresses RNG, bioenergy

By Erin Voegele | November 19, 2020

The government of Quebec on Nov. 16 unveiled its 2030 Plan for a Green Economy. The plan focuses primarily on clean electricity, but also addresses the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) and bioenergy for heating.

The 2030 PGE lays the groundwork for a green economic recovery and reiterates Quebec’s commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 37.5 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. An initial implementation plan is being introduced for 2021-2026 which, in addition to reducing GHG emissions, aims to stimulate economic recovery and job creation. The plan in part, aims to require a 10 percent share of RNG in the natural gas network by 2030 and a 50 percent increase in bioenergy production by 2030.

To reach its goals, the government of Quebec said it is launching a major electrification undertaking, primarily of the transportation industry, but also for building heating and other industrial sectors. Over the next five year, $3.6 billion is expected to be invested in the transportation sector. The government has also described several measures it will take to stimulate the electrification of transportation, buildings and industries and reduce GHG emissions. Those measures include a $550 million investment to reduce GHG emissions linked to heating residential, commercial and institutional buildings by 50 percent. “This target will be achieved by optimal complementarity between the electricity and gas networks and by the use of bioenergy, energy efficiency, and converting from fuel oil to electricity, as well as through the use of renewable natural gas and other renewable energy sources,” the government said.

Quebec also said it will invest $213 million to support the emerging RNG sector and $15 million to support development and innovation in the green hydrogen sector. “The very first Québec green hydrogen and bioenergy strategy, whose aim is to establish Québec as a future leader in these fields, will be unveiled in 2021,” said the government in a statement.

Xebec Adsorption Inc. has spoken out to applaud Quebec’s 2020 PGE. "Thanks to our local talent, Xebec has developed world leading renewable natural gas and hydrogen technologies that are sold around the world,” said Kurt Sorschak, chairman, CEO and president of Xebec Adsorption. “We are very pleased to see the government's confidence in the potential of both RNG and green hydrogen in Québec. Our strong presence in the province will allow us to offer a local, reliable and economical solutions to organizations that will develop projects in these sectors. We are ready to take up the challenge and contribute to job creation and enrich our local economy, while transitioning the world to a clean energy future.”

Additional information on the 2030 PGE is available on the government of Quebec’s website.