FutureMetrics: BECCS can achieve negative carbon emissions

By Erin Voegele | January 05, 2021

FutureMetrics LLC published a new white paper on Dec. 30 that shows bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECSS), when used with sustainably sourced biomass fuels, can achieve significant carbon-negative outcomes.

In the paper, William Strauss, president and founder of FutureMetrics, explains that the best carbon capture and storage (CCS) can do at a fossil-fueled power station is net zero. Sustainably sourced biomass fuels, however, are already carbon neutral. As a result, carbon capture at bioenergy facilities can result in negative emissions.

At existing coal-fired power stations, carbon-negative emissions can be achieved by relacing coal with biomass-based fuel and installing CCS technology.

FutureMetrics has also developed a dashboard that calculates the negative CO2 emissions and the estimated cost per avoided metric ton of carbon dioxide when using BECCS.

The white paper and dashboard are available on the FutureMetrics website.