CharTech Solutions helps decarbonize for a circular economy

By CHAR Technologies | April 16, 2021

CharTech Solutions, an operating group of CHAR Technologies, has proprietary high-temperature pyrolysis (HTP) technology which converts woody-biomass and challenging organic waste streams (wood wastes, sludge, biosolids, digestate and others) into three renewable and valuable outputs:

Renewable gases: a portion of the solid feedstock is converted into a hydrogen-rich syngas, from which purified hydrogen can be separated, or the syngas can be converted into renewable natural gas.

Heat: the HTP process is autothermal – that is, it creates its own energy and does not need external heat sources. Additional heat can be captured for various industrial heat load requirements.

Biocarbons (biochar): the HTP process generates a solid carbon product. This can be used as pollutant filter (activated charcoal, SulfaCHAR), as a replacement for coal (biocoal, CleanFyre) or as a biochar fertilizer additive or soil amendment. These biocarbons not only offset more resource intensive alternatives, but also fix carbon in an extremely stable form, thereby utilizing the natural “carbon capture” processes of the feedstocks, and further sequestering that carbon.

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