Biomass Secure Power to reopen Wyoming pilot plant

By Biomass Secure Power Inc. | October 26, 2021

Biomass Secure Power Inc. plans to reopen pilot plant located at Laramie, Wyoming, to fulfill requests for samples requested by several power companies. BSP will supply initial test samples of 20Kg to conduct lab test. BSP will then supply 5,000 tonnes of Biocoal to five companies for test burning in power plants.

BSP is in negotiation with European and Asia companies interested in supply Biocoal under long term off-take agreements. If all supply request result in off-take agreements, it would require 1.3 million tonnes of Biocoal to fill orders.

BSP has developed a licensing program allowing companies to use our patented technology to build Biocoal plants close to power plant locations, reducing cost of Biocoal substantially. Power companies will pay an upfront fee for 25 years license and pay a royalty based on plant production. Two companies have shown interest in this program.