Astra Energy secures rights for waste-to-energy technology

By Astra Energy Inc. | November 09, 2021

Astra Energy Inc., a renewable and waste-to-energy project developer and technology acquisition company, announces the company has executed an agreement with Regreen Technologies Inc. and Global Sustainable Technologies Inc. for rights to a proprietary waste-to-energy technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Astra will receive exclusivity in the following regions in perpetuity to deploy the technology: Africa, Jamaica, Brazil and Canada. Astra Energy Inc. will also have priority in terms of equipment supply and delivery. The pilot project to demonstrate a working model of the system is nearing completion at a location in Huntington Beach, California.

“We are excited to engage in this strategic relationship with Regreen for many reasons. These are compelling times, and this technology will contribute to climate change solutions that we aim to be a part of,” stated Kermit Harris, president of Astra Energy Inc. “The technology is significant because it has the capacity to convert many forms of waste into low to zero emission biofuel products, syngas and clean electricity, making it the perfect solution for a biofuel blend that can clean the current emissions created by fossil fuels. Our goal is to create a supply chain of bio-crude as a commodity."