Spotlight: George K. Moss Co. Inc. In-House Expertise

Since its founding in 1958, George K. Moss Co. Inc. has sold more than 1,800 boiler and combustion systems.
By Pellet Mill Magazine Staff | March 03, 2022

Born into the boiler and combustion business, David Duffner’s career focus has never been elsewhere. While family-oriented company Duffner Boiler Works was incepted in the 1930s, it was several decades later—in 1979—that Duffner purchased George K. Moss Co. Inc., which he has run for the past 40-plus years. Since its founding in 1958, the company has sold more than 1,800 boiler and combustion systems. “We specialize in combustion chamber and control retrofits,” Duffner says. “We design our own control systems, all the software and technology, so that we can engineer and build a custom fit for any particular project. We make systems more dependable and efficient to meet increasing steam or energy capacities while remaining environmentally sustainable and meeting today's stringent emission requirements.”

Primarily doing all its engineering in-house, the Birmingham, Alabama-based company has found additional niches, one being material handling. “Material handling is a big part of our business,” Duffner says. “We do custom design work and have a complete line of material handling conveyors that allow us to provide the best component technology for every application.”

Moss can design and fabricate all wood and pellet handling equipment, according to Duffner, including drag chains, screw augers, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, metering bins, wood storage building handling systems, silo and unloader systems, storage tanks and ash handling systems. As of recently, Duffner says, an additional business segment of focus has been torrefaction systems. “We got into torrefaction because of our experience in wood combustion—it’s a natural fit along with our controls technology and combustion experience. We have developed a system that can be economically retrofitted into existing pellet plants by tying it in with the existing drying process.”

An example of a recent project for which Moss has been awarded a contract is the supply of a complete material handling and conveying system for Mission Forest Products, sawmill currently under construction in Corinth, Mississippi. And as for examples of past work, Duffner highlights several completed projects for the U.S. government—the Navy and Coast Guard—the United Nations, and many international clients, including in Guatemala and Vietnam.

Duffner stands behind the company’s assurance that components are competitively priced, and emphasizes that Moss’s experience underscores its ability to understand what equipment is required for each unique application. “Customers can also take advantage of our leading-edge technology and training that allows remote software updates, troubleshooting, and programming to get equipment back online as soon as possible when experiencing downtime, while avoiding costly on-site visits,” he says.

 Moving forward, Duffner adds, the company will place a strong focus on material handling and torrefaction. “We believe this will be a big part of our business,” he says. “And we can do the entire system, a custom design for a new project, or replacing an existing system. We like to say that we find ways to solve problems.”