NETZSCH to highlight NEMO BioMass Hopper Pump at IBCE

By NETZSCH Pumps North America LLC | March 07, 2022

NETZSCH Pumps North America LLC will be showcasing its NEMO Open Hopper Pumps at the 15th Annual International Biomass Conference & Expo from March 14-16 in Jacksonville, Florida. NETZSCH is excited to bring this leading solution for mixing and conveying biogas along with additional environmental technology to the largest biomass industry experience in North America.

With its combined mixing and conveying capabilities for liquids, bio substrates and other organics, the NEMO Open Hopper Pumps have set a new standard for the biomass industry. Indeed, NETZSCH’s continued development work on the NEMO progressing cavity pump with hopper and conveying screw has resulted in this achievement. The product is particularly well suited for ground bio-waste, agricultural waste, and food waste, as well as fermented NAWARO, manure, process water, pre-processed slaughterhouse waste, cosubstrates, concentrated substrates, and slop.

The NEMO Open Hoppers optimizes product feeding to conveying elements with its pump housing’s large rectangular hopper, overfeeding auger flights, removable conical force-feed chamber, and coupling rod with patented, horizontally positioned conveying screw. Maximum mixing of the substrate is also achieved by the conveying supports on the hopper housing. Other advantages include increased gas production, continuous low-pulsation conveyance that is independent of pressure and viscosity, as well as high pressure capability, robust drive, leak-free pumping elements, and low investment and operating costs with high operating safety.

The International Biomass Conference & Expo brings together biomass power and thermal, pellets and densified biomass, biogas and RNG, biofuels, and a variety of other forms of biomass. NETZSCH looks forward to seeing you there to discuss tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the biomass industry today.