Bioenergy Devco responds to US ban on Russian oil imports

By Bioenergy Devco | March 09, 2022

Bioenergy Devco, the leading developer of anaerobic digestion facilities, that has the power to sustainably transform organic waste into renewable natural gas and green hydrogen, issued a statement following President Biden's announcement to ban Russian oil imports.

Bioenergy Devco CEO and Founder Shawn Kreloff said,

"Today's announcement from President Biden is a critical step forward to address Russia's unwarranted attack on Ukraine, an independent, sovereign nation. While crippling a major contributor to the Russian economy, the United States is also taking a key step in transitioning our energy portfolio from fossil fuels to one that is powered by renewable sources to create a more energy-independent future."

"Reflecting on President Biden's remarks to combat the climate crisis, transitioning to renewables and increasing the nation's clean energy technology will help strengthen our energy independence as the world weans off Russian oil. We must transition towards a circular economic model to power our homes, businesses, and key infrastructure. Advanced anaerobic digestion technology is a proven way to support this change to clean, green energy, by turning the 103 million tons of wasted food we generate annually  here in the United States into renewable natural gas."

"Developers of renewable energy technologies like Bioenergy Devco and our sister company BTS Biogas have built over 250 anaerobic digesters worldwide, and these facilities can help reduce the demand we have long placed on fossil fuels. Anaerobic digestion, along with other circular sustainable energy sources, can be catalysts for change. We support the Biden Administration's leadership in transitioning us away from fossil fuels to proven technologies that are green, sustainable, and provide us greater energy independence."