National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo to be held Nov. 8-9

By Carbon Capture Magazine | April 14, 2022

Carbon Capture Magazine recently launched the website for the first annual National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo. The conference will be held in Des Moines, Iowa at the Iowa Event Center on Nov. 8-9, 2022.

“Although the conference agenda will cover all aspects for all industries looking to capture carbon and sequester it, CCUS is an extremely hot topic within the ethanol industry right now, as three different companies are pushing forward with proposed CO2 pipelines and sequestration systems throughout the Upper Midwest,” said John Nelson, vice president of operations, marketing, and sales at BBI International. “Des Moines is a great location for this event, due to the proximity to all of the ethanol facilities located within the region.”

The National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo is now accepting speaker presentation abstracts through July 8th on the following categories.

    •Tax Policy

    •Impact on Carbon Intensity of all Forms of Energy

    •Required Plant Infrastructure

    •Environmental Permitting

    •Pipeline Requirements and Construction

    •Low Carbon Fuel Markets and Mandates

    •Project Development

    •Turning Carbon into Value

    •New Technologies Driving the Industry

    •Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Concrete

“As we see new developments in the technology and science behind carbon capture, there is rapid increase in interest surrounding the topic,” said Danielle Piekarski, content coordinator for Carbon Capture Magazine. “The National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo will offer presentations on the industry’s most prominent projects, scientific developments, and policy and regulation updates, while also creating a space for attendees to network and collaborate to further advance the industry.” To submit a speaker presentation, abstract or learn more about the conference visit the National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo website.

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