Mitsui Chemicals invests in Apeiron Bioenergy

By Mitsui Chemicals Inc. | September 02, 2022

Mitsui Chemicals Inc. on Aug. 31 announced that it invested in Apeiron AgroCommodities Pte. Ltd., rebranded and known as Apeiron Bioenergy (Head Office: Singapore; Founders: Chris Chen, Richard Huang) in June 2022. Apeiron Bioenergy is one of the largest collectors and sellers of used cooking oil in Southeast Asia and China region, which can be employed as a raw material for the production of bio-based chemicals and plastics. This investment will help Mitsui Chemicals expand its procurement of biomass raw materials as it looks to meet growing demand for bio-based chemicals and plastics.

Driven by the push for a carbon-neutral society, players around the world are ramping up efforts to replace petroleum-derived raw materials and fuels with Waste-based or biomass-derived alternatives. But given the limited supply of these raw materials available to meet growing demand, feedstock security is expected to become an increasingly crucial point going forward.

There are many options of Waste-based Biomass raw materials, it is used cooking oil, however, that makes the largest contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions – on top of which, its inedibility means that it does not contribute to food shortages.

For Mitsui Chemicals, the investment in Apeiron Bioenergy will help ensure a stable supply of bio-based hydrocarbons, which serve as a raw material for bio-based chemicals and plastics. For Apeiron Bioenergy, meanwhile, the move will add a steady new source of demand. The investment will also have broader benefits, helping expand the market for bio-based chemicals and plastics by way of a business model that combines carbon neutrality with a circular economy.