UGI announces its 5th RNG project in Upstate New York

By UGI Corp. | November 16, 2022

UGI Corp. announced Nov. 15 that Cayuga RNG has entered into an agreement to develop its fifth project to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) in upstate New York. Cayuga RNG is a joint venture of UGI Energy Services LLC (UGIES), a subsidiary of UGI, and Global Common Ventures LLC.

"We are excited to partner with Global Common and UGI to revitalize our digester and create renewable energy,” said Sarah Head, of New Hope. “We feel it is a huge benefit to our farm, community and environment to lower our emissions while creating sustainable energy. It is the future of our industry as well as our energy production."

This new project will be constructed at New Hope View Farms LLC, which is located in Cortland County in upstate New York. The project will modify an existing anaerobic biogas facility to generate RNG. The proposed project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024 and include the construction of gas upgrading equipment at the existing facility. Once completed, the project is expected to produce approximately 35 million cubic feet of RNG annually that will be delivered to a local natural gas pipeline serving the regional distribution system. UGIES’ subsidiary, GHI Energy, will be the exclusive marketer for Cayuga RNG.

“RNG continues to be a key platform for growth at UGI and we are excited to partner with New Hope to expand our RNG business in New York, where we just celebrated our first project being placed in service last month,” said Robert F. Beard, executive vice president of natural gas at UGI.