Portland to phase in renewable requirements for diesel sales

By Erin Voegele | December 15, 2022

The Portland City Council on Dec. 8 adopted a new policy that aims to reduce carbon emissions from diesel-fueled transportation by phasing in requirements for the use of renewable fuels, such as biodiesel and renewable diesel.

 The policy aims to achieve a 99 percent renewable blend for all diesel sales in Portland by May 15, 2030. The requirement will phase-in, with an initial 50 percent renewable blend requirement beginning on May. 15, 2025.

Under the new policy, the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability will convene a technical advisory committee (TAC) of renewable fuel producers, renewable fuel suppliers, and economists to advise the director of BPS on implementation of the program. The TAC will issue a reports to the BPS director regarding renewable fuel market conditions, including an assessment of supply availability and costs. These reports are to be completed in advance of the May 15, 2025, and May 15, 2030, deadlines.

“Climate change is not stopping or even slowing — and our opportunity to reduce carbon emissions is fast closing. Burning diesel fuel is Portland’s fourth-largest source of carbon emissions,” said Portland City Commissioner Carmen Rubio. “Together, we can strengthen the local economy while improving air quality, boosting health outcomes, and moving us closer to energy independence.”   

Additional information is available on the City of Portland website.