BPA applauds biomass provisions in NDAA, omnibus bills

By Biomass Power Association | December 27, 2022

The Biomass Power Association on Dec. 22 commended Congress for passing two bills that recognize the benefits of biomass as a source of renewable electricity. The National Defense Appropriations Act of 2023 contains language requiring the Department of Defense to consider biomass a “renewable energy source,” and the Omnibus Appropriations bill contains a provision directing the federal government to recognize the carbon benefits of biomass.

“We are extremely grateful to Congressman John Garamendi and Senator Susan Collins for their leadership in recognizing the many benefits of biomass power,” said Carrie Annand, executive director of Biomass Power Association. “Utilizing organic materials like forest residues and agricultural waste to generate power undeniably supports our nation’s climate goals. Not only do biomass power plants generate renewable power, but they also provide forest health and air quality benefits by helping to reduce forest fire risk and preventing the need for open burning. We appreciate the tireless efforts of Sen. Collins and Rep. Garamendi to ensure that biomass receives proper recognition.”