Southern states first to harvest Nuseed carinata for bioenergy

By Nuseed | May 19, 2023

Nuseed Carinata harvest is underway in the southern United States, starting near Tifton, Georgia. Nuseed has been working with growers in Florida, Georgia, and Texas to increase the sustainable contract production of the non-food oilseed for processing into certified sustainable lower carbon bioenergy feedstock and non-GMO meal for a traceable plant-based source of protein.

“It’s an honor to work with our growers who are truly innovators. They recognize the value of carinata as a cover crop that can benefit their farm on an agronomic and economic standpoint,” said Justin Ingalls, NA commercial sales lead. “The Nuseed Carinata Contract opportunity financially rewards growers for cover cropping and sustainable practices, that’s key to increasing adoption and regenerating soil.”


Value Beyond Yield
Nuseed Carinata has been a great fit for the southern states as a cover crop to help with soil health, soil moisture retention between seasons, and setting up the grower’s primary crop up for success. Nuseed Carinata is a harvested cover crop, so growers also benefit from a secure contract with a downstream market.


Nuseed Carinata has proven to be a resilient hybrid cover crop. It grows well between many primary crop rotations such as cotton, corn, and soybeans. It is grown between harvest and spring planting when weather limits primary crop production and soil is typically exposed to erosion. Nuseed R&D is continuing to advance Nuseed Carinata hybrids with a focus on even greater frost resilience, shorter maturity, and herbicide tolerance.


“We are thrilled to see this cover crop even through a tough unprecedented freeze, still come up strong and healthy ready for harvest” said Derek Barber, Field Sales Manager at Nuseed.