Woodchips to provide steam for Genencor plant

By Ron Kotrba
Web exclusive posted Sept. 18, 2008 at 10:40 a.m. CST

Genencor International, a division of Danisco USA Inc., and Nordic energy company Fortum Corp. in early September announced plans to build an 18-megawatt woodchip-fired power plant in Hanko, Finland. The thermal power plant project combines municipal district heating for the Hanko community and industrial steam production for Genencor's enzyme manufacturing plant also located in Hanko.

"The thermal boiler plant that is going to be built in Hanko will be a completely new power plant behind our [enzyme] plant," Genencor's Hanko plant manager Antti Kosola told Biomass Magazine.

Currently, the Hanko plant receives its industrial steam from a power plant run on heavy fuel oil, but the new facility will utilize local woodchips. "The new thermal plant is a response to the increased need for sustainable energy in industry and for district heating in the Hanko area," Genencor stated in a press release.

"For the Hanko site this represents about 90 percent reduction of steam energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, which currently are fossil fuel derived," Kosola said. "The so-called ‘remaining' heat with temperatures too low to be reused in our own operation is still hot enough to be used in the district heating."

According to Genencor, the plant will be commissioned in 2009.